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Visit Dublin by Coach!
Visit Dublin by Coach!

Dublin has it all – so much, in fact, that one visit is never enough! The city is a charming mix of medieval, Georgian and modern architecture, and holds a wealth of history and culture. Not only that, there’s wonderful shopping, dining and night life – not to mention, of course, the fantastic people who live and work there. Visit Dublin by coach with Travelstyle. We’ve taken care of all the travel and accommodation, and you’ll be well-catered for on your stay since all our hotels have private facilities, and a tea and coffee tray in your rooms. That’s why there’s miles more smiles with Travelstyle!

Visit Dublin by Coach…

Travelstyle’s Dublin tour will open your eyes to some of the best that Ireland’s capital city has to offer. One of the attractions on the tour include the Guinness Storehouse, where you can discover the story of the iconic drink – or the Old Jameson Distillery, if you feel like something stronger. There’s also the Dublin Writers Museum – the city is the birth place of numerous famous authors, including Oscar Wilde, Jonathan Swift and Bram Stoker – and Dublin Zoo. If you want to get away on your own for a bit, you can explore some of the marvellous pubs and shops, or take a stroll around one of the many parks (Dublin has more green space than any other European capital, and they all have their own intriguing history and landmarks). You’ll leave with fond memories, and probably planning your next trip already.

dublin by coach

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on the 27/02/2013 and was updated on 09/03/2016.

Travelstyle’s Top Modern Attractions!
Travelstyle’s Top Modern Attractions!

If you like to visit attractions that are more on the modern side it’s sometimes hard to know where the best places are to visit or where some hidden gems of modern attractions are hiding. Here is a quick list of some of the top contemporary attractions we offer at affordable prices!


Travelstyle’s Trips to Jersey!
Travelstyle’s Trips to Jersey!

Travelstyle’s trips to Jersey are an alternative to a fully organised coach trip! Once you’ve got to your departing airport – East Midlands, Gatwick and Birmingham – all the arrangements are taken care of for you, and you can sit back and enjoy everything that this little island has to offer.

About Our Trips to Jersey! 

On arrival you will be met at Jersey’s airport by our representative, and naturally you will also be returned to the airport on the journey back home at the end of your stay. We partner with two hotels in St Helier, the island’s capital. Both are excellent choices, situated close to the centre’s shops and attractions. The Ambassadeur Hotel is less than a mile away – a gentle 20-minute stroll or a short bus ride – and the Norfolk Lodge Hotel is closer still, as well as offering further amenities such as an indoor pool complex and entertainment on most evenings during the main season.

Our short breaks to Jersey are generally between four and seven days long, and wherever you stay you’ll be treated to a full English breakfast and table d’hôte dinner. The rooms all have private bathrooms, colour TV and a tea/coffee tray.

trips to jersey

Travelstyle's Trips to Jersey...

Trips to Jersey the Travelstyle way

Jersey is the largest and most southern of the Channel Islands – a collection of islands closer to the north of France than to the UK. Jersey itself lies in the Bay of Mont St Michel and is only 14 miles from France (100 miles from Great Britain). Perhaps unsurprisingly, the climate is warm and there are great views of the sea from almost everywhere on the island.

Jersey may be a small island, but its 46 square miles offers plenty to do. As well as enjoying its beaches, there are numerous sites of historical interest – its strategic location means that it has been invaded many times, including during World War II. Otherwise, you might just like to soak up the beauty of your peaceful and picturesque surroundings, and the ambience of quirky island life. One fact popular with many visitors is Jersey’s tax situation – the lack of VAT means that luxury goods can be considerably cheaper than on the mainland.

For more information, click the following link to learn more about our trips to Jersey.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on 28/08/12 and was updated on 08/03/2016.

My Personal Experience of Dublin! – Part 2
My Personal Experience of Dublin! – Part 2

Welcome back to part two of my visit to Dublin! If you’ve not read part one, I suggest you do so now.

On the second day, we went on a walking tour of Dublin, seeing a variety of sights and learning the incredible history of Dublin from our tour guide, who welcomed all questions and told great stories about the city.

Dublin was one of the most talented places I have visited. The one place I would single out to visit is Dublin castle (just off Dame Street where all the restaurants are). You can go into the court yard and learn the history of the nasty goings on in the castle. You can also see where Queen Elizabeth II stayed on her recent visit, if you know your political history you would know this was a huge occasion for Irish and British politics!

Most importantly, make sure you go to the back of the castle, where you can see the gardens. They are absolutely gorgeous and also contain a unique museum in the Chester Beatty library of ancient artefacts. There are handwritten books in here that are over a 1000 years old!

I would advise you partake in a tour, as you learn facts you would never find out! For example,  O’Connels bridge is one of the widest bridges in Europe! You will cross the bridge a few times while in Dublin without realising the significance of it without the tour guide. dublin experience

Towards the afternoon we decided to go a bit quirky and visit the Leprechaun Museum, which of course Dublin and Ireland are also famous for (its not all Guinness!). Here we had a brilliant guide around the museum who would tell stories of where the leprechaun myth originally stemmed from as well as the stories told about them!

During the tour, he also got us involved with certain questions and acting–which was really fun! Some of the facts are unbelievable; did you know traditional leprechauns actually don’t wear green? I won’t tell you what colour they actually wear, but it will come as a surprise! After a tiring second day we sampled a few bars and a had a few more Guinness’s–when in Rome, I guess!

On our third day, we decided to visit the Guinness factory (as if we had not had enough already…).  Here you learn the history of not only the famous stout but the life of the founder Sir Arthur Guinness and how a perfect Guinness is made. I happened to be lucky enough to be going around with two friends who work behind a bar and because of this we found out one of the reasons for the difference in taste from the British pubs pouring Guinness from the Irish! It seems the Irish use a slightly higher pressure tap when pouring the perfect Guinness pint, this and the fact the Guinness factory is just round the corner from all the pubs and bars is probably the secret! I also got to pour my own pint and I think I did alright!

Quick tip – Make sure you go to the top floor of the factory, to the 360 bar and get an incredible 360 view of the whole of Dublin, I even cheekily took my Guinness up there that I had just poured!

Jack Johnson in Dublin Man pouring a pint of guinness in Dublin

Next was Kilmainham Gaol Prison, which had haunting stories of the past–and to be honest, made me feel a bit guilty about been British with some of the things we did to certain Irish prisoners. It really is a must visit not just for your education but in remembrance of the number of Irish which suffered at the hands of the British. A number of Ireland’s political protesters were constrained, tortured and executed here!

We had a brilliant tour guide around the prison who honoured the deceased–make sure you look back in remembrance at the front entrance of the prison where a variety of prisoners were hung from because of their beliefs. Kilmainham gaol Dublin

On our final day of Dublin, we stopped at one of the many burger shacks which are dotted around Dublin. But these were no ordinary burgers , there were hundreds you could order or make your own and the burgers were absolutely huge made with proper Irish beef.There are many restaurants out there but look along Dame Street near the Temple Bar for some decent ones!

We also had a quick visit to Trinity College Campus which has grand architecture at the university courtyard and impressive statues dotted around the campus. The main courtyard here is breathtakingly beautiful and is near the centre of Dublin, soake tens minutes out your day and spend a while just taking in the sights here! We also had a stop at Phoenix Park which is a beautifully kept park in the middle of Dublin and also home to Dublin Zoo, which unfortunately we did not have time to visit. You can also get a tour guide to take your round the park and get more information on a variety of statues and sculptures dotted around within!

Overall I could sum Dublin up in three words: educating, atmospheric and friendly! You could be a few guys going for the Guinness or you can go with your family–there is something for everyone. Now some of the drink prices in Dublin are not cheap that’s why I personally feel it’s important to book a low cost trip with Travelstyle! This means you can spend more time on seeing the sights, getting to know the locals and drinking more Guinness! If you enjoyed this article, please give me a big thumbs up and a cheeky share, by clicking on the buttons below! Cheers!

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on 08/07/2014 and was updated on 08/03/2016.

Holiday to the Costa Brava with Travelstyle!
Holiday to the Costa Brava with Travelstyle!

A holiday to the Costa Brava is tempting with the cold and windy January weather, it’s no doubt that we’re all craving some heat! This year, Travelstyle will going to the Costa Brava to explore tranquil Lloret De Mar and the vibrant city of Barcelona. If you’ve never explored the Costra Brava, let us give you a brief overview…

Read more about a Holiday to the Costa Brava…

Go For the Beaches…

Sun glasses on a beach

The Catalonian coast is famed for its golden beaches! Not too far from your hotel, you will be able to visit the Fenals Beach where there are plenty of sun beds, cafes, bars in the surrounding area. It’s also known to be a quieter beach in the area, so you can top up your sun tan or read your book in peace.

Go for the Catalan Heritage…

We’ll be offering an inclusive tour to explore the Catalan heritage. We’ll be making stops in Figueres, the birthplace of artist Salvador Dali, and we’ll also be visiting the Cadaques, where you can see its charming seafront and harbour.

Go for the Vibrant Cities…


Catalonia offers fantastic cities, rich in architecture and culture. We will be stopping off at the capital of Catalonia—Barcelona. Barcelona is famed for its art and style, as you’ll find Europe best preserved Gothic Quarter and will also see the modernisme architecture that has been designed famously by Gaudi. You’ll also get the opportunity to visit the Cathedral city of Girona, which has plenty of sights for you to see, such as the Girona Cathedral, the Jewish Quarter (which is an incredibly moving experience), Film museum, the Girona Art museum, and so much more. Plus, you’ll get a an afternoon in one of the most popular resorts in the area, Tossa de Mar.

Go for the Exciting Nightlife…

Lloret de Mar’s nightlife attracts a lot of visitors because of its variety of bars, discos and pubs. It’s known as the nightlife capital of Costa Brava because of its liveliness, bright lights and selection! Plus, there’s a great choice of restaurants if you’re looking to treat yourself!

For more information, click the following link to read and book your holiday to the Costa Brava. 

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on 28/01/2015 and was updated on 07/03/2016.

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