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My trip to Llandudno!
My trip to Llandudno!

I recently got to go on a quick trip to Llandudno, to scout out what you guys can experience out and about; as well as how helpful the town folks are while also looking at the sights, attractions and hotels we use to ensure we are giving our customers the best out of the holiday tours we supply.

I arrived around midday to a busy town with plenty of shops that you would need while on holiday dotted around , even a pound store which could be handy for those batteries or cheap sun screen when needed. You will never get lost; numerous sign posts are clearly visible around the town and it’s not hard to find the pier and other key attractions.

One of the first things I noticed when I reached the shore, were the absolutely stunning views! The shore is surrounded by incredible rock formations to the left and right, as well as a clean picturesque beach and sea.  I got the chance to go along the pier which is filled with very unique stools and small shops, an amusement arcade right at the end as well as Punch and Judy. Everything you would expect from a UK beach holiday. If you go to the end of the pier and look back across you can see a large Llandudno sign in white letters printed on a hillside just below one of the highpoints in Llandudno; get your camera out at this point!

You can also see one of the hotels right on Llandudno pier that we offer, named the Grand Hotel.  I can assure you, you will not have seen a hotel as unique as this, just on the cliff edge overlooking the whole of the pier and shore, no matter what side of the hotel you stay the views are guaranteed to be fantastic. I also had a quick look around the hotel. It features all the things you would expect, an entertainment area to see a number of tributes acts as well as a cafe that stretches almost onto the pier and a clean, well maintained bar with friendly bar staff.

Grand Hotel , right on the pier!

I had just enough time to investigate the cable cars which take you across to the Great Orme summit, now if you don’t wish to walk up it , since the summit is a good mile away,  just take the cable cars which operate every day . I got to a high point in Llandudno just near the cable cars where the views were absolutely spectacular even though I was nowhere near the summit yet! You could see a variety of mountain ranges all around and the whole sheer size of Llandudno! I could only imagine if I had enough time what the view would be like from the summit! If you are not into cable cars or a bit wary of heights there are also trams which operate and can take you to the top of the summit, they operate frequently throughout the year.

Just before I left I stopped in one of the many coffee shops, recommended by one of the locals who was happy to assist;, I also noticed a Punch and Judy show watched by kids cheering and laughing; the puppeteer was extremely enthusiastic and this just proved how much Llandudno can appeal to those of all ages!

Overall with the few hours I was there I was mostly blown away by the incredible sights, which could easily make you forget you’re still in Britain; absolutely breathtaking. Considering how fantastically located our hotels are and the prices available, this is an absolute steal for a family holiday! I’m proud to say we offer Llandudno breaks starting at £59.95!! – HERE!

Our most popular family holidays – PART 2
Our most popular family holidays – PART 2

Here are a few more family bargain tours you can take advantage of with us!!

Disney’s Lion King & London Zoo

What a visually stimulating tour this one is, the first will have you singing along with the animals of the Lion King and the next will have you watching them in the flesh at London Zoo! The Lion King theatre show has been going for years, touring the world with the reputation of Disney behind it, as well as the fantastic musical score of a certain Sir Elton John!

It’s a musical extravaganza which is guaranteed to have the kids doing your head in long after it’s over, by singing the songs over the next month! The fun doesn’t stop there, London Zoo is still to be visited and covers 36 acres of land with over 500 different animals to go and find!  A top trip for those with ‘wild Childs’!


Tower of London & Thames River Cruise

The famous tower of London, filled with both a gruesome and royal history with an authentic feel, as you journey through the stories of past!  You can even feast your eyes on a selection of the queen’s jewels, put on show for you and your kids to gaze at in wonder!  Tours are ongoing and the exhibitions, talks and sights are enough to keep the kids interested whilst learning more about the history of our fine country!

After an epic history lesson, come back to the present and relax with a fun filled cruise on the Thames River. Which allows you to view some of London’s most epic sights in a way you have never seen before! Our tours even offer free time for you to visit the area around Windsor!

London Eye & Emirates Air Line

As long as you’re not too scared of heights, this trip is a must do for all those who wish to see London’s spectacular views in an extraordinary way. It’s exciting for the kids to slowly go up in a thirty minute journey on the London eye as they run back and forth across the capsule to witness one of the many views of London from up high!

After that experience the Emirates Airline cable cars, which scale to heights of 90 metres, which is over a massive 295 feet! Spectacular views can be seen all around the cable car! Once the spectacular viewing experience is over, you also get free time in maritime Greenwich, where the national maritime museum is open to view free of charge, if you wish to keep your feet on the ground for a change!

Beamish Open Air Museum

You can enjoy the beautiful countryside, while the kids get to run around and check out what it was like to live like their ancestors and how it shaped the life we have today! It recreates life in the 1800s and 1900s extremely accurately; most of the shopkeepers and those working there are dressed authentically and will make you feel like you have stepped back in time!

With 300 acres to explore the kids will never have had so much fun when the days of sweets , chocolate , and electronics were mostly, if not completely, nonexistent!  The museum has also recently won British and European Museum of the Year Awards!

Travelstyle offers a huge variety of cheap family holidays with accommodation and travel included, as well as admission into all these top attractions! Why not book today – view our full list of family tours – HERE!


Our most popular family holidays! – PART 1
Our most popular family holidays! – PART 1

Travelstyle has a variety of hugely popular family trips, so here is a run through of some of the top tours we offer to see if any of these holidays sound like the right fit for you and your family!


The old family favourite, Disneyland Paris is still going strong after many years and attracts millions of visitors! The great thing about Disneyland Paris is it does not matter if you’re going with really young children to teenagers with attractions for all ages! A lot of tours also offer time in Paris, so a trip to Disneyland is also a trip for the adults with excursions often included with Disneyland to central Paris!

DID YOU KNOW? – Recently the resort has won award for its new show Disney Dreams! A spectacular night show full of lasers and special effects, which needs to be seen to be believed!


Horrible Histories at Warwick Castle & White Lion Safari - NEW!

I think a lot of you would know or have heard of the Horrible History book series, where they put the fun back into learning history. The books have been hugely successful and what better way to encourage more fun learning than as part of a visit to the historic Warwick Castle! Where the greatest, foulest and most hilarious moments in history are relived with fantastic actors and actresses throughout the historical castle’s setting! The tour here also includes a trip to see the new white lions at the West Midland’s Safari Park! These creatures will be tame compared to the gory history you’ll have just witnessed at Warwick Castle and offer a fantastic addition to an already fun trip!

DID YOU KNOW? – On the wild side, there are no wild tigers in Africa (common misconception, only in Asia!


Warner Bros. Studios – The Making of Harry Potter Tour -NEW!

The magic of Hogwarts finally comes alive in front of you with the tour that is going to leave your child’s eyes wide with wonder. The magical world of Harry Potter consists of locations such as the great hall and diagon-alley ! Set next to the studio where all eight Potter films were created, you and your family can visit the studio tour which offers the opportunity to visit two sound stages, the backlot with original sets and some creatures from the films with incredible special effects! You can even have a picture taken of you flying mid-air on a broomstick!! You too can become part of the magic of the Harry Potter world!

DID YOU KNOW? – The film studio where the Harry Potter film series was filmed was originally an old aircraft factory and runway where planes such as Mosquitos and Halifax Bombers were manufactured?



LEGOLAND Windsor Resort and London

What more do I need to say about Legoland, loved for decades and literally keeps on building more and more attractions each year brick by brick! The newest attraction at the resort is Pirate Falls, an incredible child’s play area full of pirate themed rides and the chance for your children to help Captain Goodbrick on a fantastic animated adventure! Most tours offer something for the adults too, so once you have had all the Lego you can take, most tours offer excursions into the centre of London too!

DID YOU KNOW? – The largest model in Miniland is the Canary Wharf Tower which is 5.2 metres tall and took 3 model makers 850 hours to complete using 200,000 LEGO Bricks!


You can see there are a variety of fun-filled holidays for the whole family to go to… you can view a full list of them HERE!

Keep your eyes peeled for PART 2!

The perfect holiday on the Mediterranean – Costa Brava!
The perfect holiday on the Mediterranean  – Costa Brava!

Costa Brava, the place to go for crisp white sands, guaranteed hot weather and exciting social scene! Here’s a little insight into one of the favourite beach resorts for the British to escape to!

Where is it?

Costa Brava is a region just an hour’s drive north of Barcelona on the north east coast of Spain, situated on the Mediterranean Sea. It’s situated perfectly for excursions into Barcelona, has a variety of beaches, and nearby resorts offer fantastic shopping, friendly locals and buzzing nightlife!


Apart from the golden sands, clean resorts and bright blue waters, there are so many places to visit throughout Costa Brava. Here are some of the best!

Vila Vella (old town) is one of the only surviving walled cities on the Catalan coast. If it’s an old world feel you’re looking for, Villa Vela will be right up your street, with the fortifications around the town built in 1347!

The town also has a small secret beach hidden on its shores for you to discover! You should also go to Cap de Creus National Park, one of the most beautiful and well-maintained national parks in Europe! With panoramic ocean views and unique rock structures, it holds a fascination for locals and tourists alike.

Since you are in the Catalonian region, a Catalan Heritage Tour is a must to understand more about the Catalonians! With a mixture of towns showcasing Catatonia’s rich heritage including Figueras and Cadaques with their charming seafront and harbour, and the cathedral city of Gerona. After your touch of culture, take an excursion into Barcelona, the Catalonian capital, and experience one of the most gorgeous cities in Europe.

Famous for its assortment of arts, delicious cuisine and iconic architecture from Barcelona’s stunning cathedral to modern sights such as the Nou Camp, where Barcelona Football Club play, whilst also experiencing the many harbours dotted on the coast of the city!

Back in Costa Brava, if you do get away from the beach front, there are a few other iconic sights you should try to include in your trip . One of these is the Dali museum house which was resident to world renowned artist Salvador Dali ! After your history lesson, get some relaxing time at the award winning Santa Clotilde Gardens, definitely one for the nature lovers out there!

For the more active amongst you why not have a trip to Montgri castle, situated at the summit of Montgri Mountain? You won’t get lost as paths are clearly marked and well maintained, and the sight at the top is something to behold; many families often take this smooth trek! Another treat for the kids: don’t forget to take them to Water World, the amazing water park, which again is an award winner.

There are many more delights to be found in and around Costa Brava; it’s such a huge area and has something to suit all tastes, ages and hobbies no matter what sort of holiday you want! Costa Brava has a vast array of highlights waiting to be discovered!!!

Food and drink

Although you can always go ‘all inclusive’, there’s nothing stopping you having a bite to eat and drink around some restaurants and cafes lining the coast of Costa Brava!

Tapas is the name of the game in Costa Brava, you can get assorted delicious snacks and appetisers almost everywhere! Many eateries are relatively cheap and situated as you would imagine in some of the most attractive locations in all of Spain.

Obviously if tapas is not your cup of tea, there are plenty of restaurants offering a wide selection of Spanish foods, as well as many European dishes you know and love!

Drinks of all sorts are sold throughout resorts and in many of the urban populated areas, if you like to have a drink out late at night , the night-life here is fairly lively in many destinations while still making it possible to find a place to have a quiet drink just before bed!

Overall Costa Brava is all the fun and relaxation of being at a resort on the med, at great value!  With most tours with Travelstyles to Costa Brava starting at £399.95(CLICK HERE)! Plus most restaurants and bars offer cheap food and drinks and what a range there is to have!

Whether you’re going as a family, couple or just a few friends Costa Brava can be tailored to suit the needs and interests of any group looking for a very hot relaxing holiday on the Mediterranean coast!

Guernsey V.S Jersey – Which is the one for you!
Guernsey V.S Jersey – Which is the one for you!

Although I would encourage everyone to visit both these islands, money often means one has to be picked over the other! Well to help you decide which of these ‘must visit’ destinations to go to,  here is a helpful guide I have put together of the top attractions, sights and beaches you can get from each !



The greatest views can be seen from many of the attractions dotted around the island , stunning views can be achieved when you visit the Corbiere lighthouse, of the whole island and sandy shore! Make sure you go here last thing  in the day as gorgeous sunsets can be watched from here as the sun gets slowly sucked down below the ocean! Most of the shops , local housing and attractions have original architecture and the island is mostly untouched from modern buildings ! If it’s an authentic trip you want, Jersey is certainly the one for you!


Sights again are best when you get up high but people who go here need to make sure not to miss saumarez park , its an idyllic park full of delightful surroundings and wildlife that is well maintained. Whilst also containing an aquarium and subtropical garden  open to the public to explore!



If your going October / November time, tennerfest is the place to be for foodies! Which has lots of island cuisine consisting mostly of seafood ! Everyone can dine for the price of ten pounds, it takes place across a variety restaurants across the island! If you’re not going around this time , Jersey provides a variety of award winning restaurants as well as other food festivals throughout the year such as the Portuguese food festival!


Guernsey loves its food , it even has a designated website for it – .

Here any type of food can be eaten from local seafood which has been freshly caught to Italian, French , Indian and lots more from around the world! For a mix bag selection of food to eat throughout your stay there, Guernsey offers the biggest variety!



One place you must visit is the Parish Church of St. Brelade , this is no ordinary church ,set overlooking a huge cliff drop, with the gorgeous beach below ! Not many people know about this, so this is where to come to relax with the sound of wildlife and the waves crashing , the perfect spot for some lunch!

The church itself has been largely untouched apart from the odd bit of repairs here and there, featuring original murals and a very well maintained graveyard.

The Jersey War tunnels is another must visit destination when in Jersey, to learn and experience one of the hardest times in the islands history, the island was actually occupied by Germany for 5 years!

Scary to think how close to home the Nazis actually came! As well as a wildlife park , the gorgeous whitehouse and lots more attractions throughout the island for you to find!


The place for your bit of quirkiness is Hauteville house, which was home to Victor Hugo for fifteen years during his 15 year self imposed exile! An intriguing attraction with some of the strangest decor and personal touches you will ever see in a house, this one has to be seen to be believed!

The Guernsey tapestry is a more  visual way to understand Guernsey’s complex history. Ten stitches which are done by locals of the island to celebrate the millennium and explain what happened in each 100 year period while on the island.

It’s the way history lessons should have been taught! Again like Jersey , Guernsey was occupied by the Nazis for 5 years , the island has the German occupation museum for you to learn more about it! Other places to note are Castle Cornet and the beautiful Candie gardens as well as other attractions for you to find !



The one place you HAVE to visit when in Jersey, is the award winning St. Brelade’s Bay Beach , is spectacularly beautiful ! Its clean , well kept and lovely to relax on , whilst still offering a variety of cafes right on the beach front! Flowers are dotted around the beach and it will look like you have just discovered your own desert island that is untouched by humans!


Shell beach is a another award winning beach you most defiantly have to visit! Its a close fight between this and Jersey for most beautiful beaches , and it could not be closer! More quieter with only one small cafe, the beach has picturesque walks along the dunes as well as a place to get more active and hire sea kayaks! If it’s a much more untouched beach you’re looking for this is the one for you!



Jersey boasts a huge amount of wildlife on its shores , from exotic butterflies to lizards and red squirrels ! As well as jerseys unofficial mascot the jersey toad!


Guernsey offers a further variety when it comes to wildlife , with seal tours operating around the shore , as well puffin watch and a large bird watching community with over 150 birds recorded to have been sighted on the island!



If less relaxing and a little bit more adrenaline is your cup of tea than there are range of activities available on Jersey’s Island. Jersey has a fantastic golf heritage and the golf courses and sights around them are as beautiful as the beaches themselves. Fishing , kayaking , rock climbing and many other activities are available!


Again Guernsey offer similar activities with many golf courses available  and with a variety of cruising and angling trips out in the oceans , to go-karting , sailing , bowling and even clay pigeon shooting , they go against the norm for activities on Guernsey so if a break from the norm sounds like your thing , Guernsey island is the one for you!

You need to visit these gorgeous islands they offer so much for a low, low price , and its best to book with us to sort out accommodation , travel and food all in one go! – JERSEY CLICK HERE / GUERNSEY CLICK HERE

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