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Guernsey V.S Jersey – Which is the one for you!
Guernsey V.S Jersey – Which is the one for you!

Although I would encourage everyone to visit both these islands, money often means one has to be picked over the other! Well to help you decide which of these ‘must visit’ destinations to go to,  here is a helpful guide I have put together of the top attractions, sights and beaches you can get from each !



The greatest views can be seen from many of the attractions dotted around the island , stunning views can be achieved when you visit the Corbiere lighthouse, of the whole island and sandy shore! Make sure you go here last thing  in the day as gorgeous sunsets can be watched from here as the sun gets slowly sucked down below the ocean! Most of the shops , local housing and attractions have original architecture and the island is mostly untouched from modern buildings ! If it’s an authentic trip you want, Jersey is certainly the one for you!


Sights again are best when you get up high but people who go here need to make sure not to miss saumarez park , its an idyllic park full of delightful surroundings and wildlife that is well maintained. Whilst also containing an aquarium and subtropical garden  open to the public to explore!



If your going October / November time, tennerfest is the place to be for foodies! Which has lots of island cuisine consisting mostly of seafood ! Everyone can dine for the price of ten pounds, it takes place across a variety restaurants across the island! If you’re not going around this time , Jersey provides a variety of award winning restaurants as well as other food festivals throughout the year such as the Portuguese food festival!


Guernsey loves its food , it even has a designated website for it – .

Here any type of food can be eaten from local seafood which has been freshly caught to Italian, French , Indian and lots more from around the world! For a mix bag selection of food to eat throughout your stay there, Guernsey offers the biggest variety!



One place you must visit is the Parish Church of St. Brelade , this is no ordinary church ,set overlooking a huge cliff drop, with the gorgeous beach below ! Not many people know about this, so this is where to come to relax with the sound of wildlife and the waves crashing , the perfect spot for some lunch!

The church itself has been largely untouched apart from the odd bit of repairs here and there, featuring original murals and a very well maintained graveyard.

The Jersey War tunnels is another must visit destination when in Jersey, to learn and experience one of the hardest times in the islands history, the island was actually occupied by Germany for 5 years!

Scary to think how close to home the Nazis actually came! As well as a wildlife park , the gorgeous whitehouse and lots more attractions throughout the island for you to find!


The place for your bit of quirkiness is Hauteville house, which was home to Victor Hugo for fifteen years during his 15 year self imposed exile! An intriguing attraction with some of the strangest decor and personal touches you will ever see in a house, this one has to be seen to be believed!

The Guernsey tapestry is a more  visual way to understand Guernsey’s complex history. Ten stitches which are done by locals of the island to celebrate the millennium and explain what happened in each 100 year period while on the island.

It’s the way history lessons should have been taught! Again like Jersey , Guernsey was occupied by the Nazis for 5 years , the island has the German occupation museum for you to learn more about it! Other places to note are Castle Cornet and the beautiful Candie gardens as well as other attractions for you to find !



The one place you HAVE to visit when in Jersey, is the award winning St. Brelade’s Bay Beach , is spectacularly beautiful ! Its clean , well kept and lovely to relax on , whilst still offering a variety of cafes right on the beach front! Flowers are dotted around the beach and it will look like you have just discovered your own desert island that is untouched by humans!


Shell beach is a another award winning beach you most defiantly have to visit! Its a close fight between this and Jersey for most beautiful beaches , and it could not be closer! More quieter with only one small cafe, the beach has picturesque walks along the dunes as well as a place to get more active and hire sea kayaks! If it’s a much more untouched beach you’re looking for this is the one for you!



Jersey boasts a huge amount of wildlife on its shores , from exotic butterflies to lizards and red squirrels ! As well as jerseys unofficial mascot the jersey toad!


Guernsey offers a further variety when it comes to wildlife , with seal tours operating around the shore , as well puffin watch and a large bird watching community with over 150 birds recorded to have been sighted on the island!



If less relaxing and a little bit more adrenaline is your cup of tea than there are range of activities available on Jersey’s Island. Jersey has a fantastic golf heritage and the golf courses and sights around them are as beautiful as the beaches themselves. Fishing , kayaking , rock climbing and many other activities are available!


Again Guernsey offer similar activities with many golf courses available  and with a variety of cruising and angling trips out in the oceans , to go-karting , sailing , bowling and even clay pigeon shooting , they go against the norm for activities on Guernsey so if a break from the norm sounds like your thing , Guernsey island is the one for you!

You need to visit these gorgeous islands they offer so much for a low, low price , and its best to book with us to sort out accommodation , travel and food all in one go! – JERSEY CLICK HERE / GUERNSEY CLICK HERE

Coach Trips From Birmingham
Coach Trips From Birmingham

Getting a coach holiday from Birmingham could not easier or more simple! A huge number of holidays depart from around the Birmingham region! If you’re looking for a great value weekend ,5 day or week long break away; you are spoilt for choice with TravelStyle!
Simply use our simple search to discover exciting coach tours from Birmingham or surrounding areas such as , Erdington,  Acocks Green, Solihull, Sutton Coldfield and many other nearby areas .

We have a fantastic range of options for short to long breaks across the UK and overseas too. There’s smiles more fun on our breaks which often include: coach travel; dinner, bed & breakfast; en-suite rooms with colour TV and touring itineraries with admission included, where stated.

Where we depart from

Joining one of our coach trips from Birmingham couldn’t be easier. Departure times for UK tours are normally between 6am and 10am and for Continental holidays it’s usually between 4am and 7am. The pick-up point for Birmingham is the main coach stop on the Queensway paradise circus, right next to the town hall.

With an urban area population of well over 1 million people, Birmingham is a very popular pick-up point for coach holidays both in the UK and overseas. Popular destinations from Birmingham include: day trips to West Midlands Safari park or Llandudno; weekend breaks to London, Farnborough air show and the Coronation street set tour and longer holidays to Newquay and Weston Super Mare.

Search for coach holidays from Birmingham

Select the pick-up closest to you in our easy to use holiday search on the left of the homepage ; and we’ll return a fantastic range of breaks and tours departing from that very destination!
There’s more reason to smile with Travelstyle.

Don’t forget to check out our last minute deals for even lower prices to a range of destinations. Or call us for assistance on 0844 682 0054.

Remember you can also contact us on Facebook or Twitter!

Top Tips for Keeping Travel Costs Down!
Top Tips for Keeping Travel Costs Down!

Once you have got the holiday booked you know you are already out of pocket! So if you can save money here and there, whilst on or even before you go on holiday it would help! With a few of these last minute tips you can make your money go that extra mile , miles away from home!

Tip 1 – Research

The important thing is to research the prices of things you want to do before you go there, it’s even worth checking out food menus and drink prices of the places you’re going to beforehand!

Tip 2 – Water

Drink tap water, it’s free and does a quick job of quenching your thirst, people often forget tap water is an option from bars and saves a fortune from buying fresh orange juice etc. If you like to have some sort of flavour in your drink, ask for a blackcurrant or lime soda, these are often under a pound and offer a cheap way of enjoying a juiced drink!

Tip 3 – Travel Product

For travel accessories , don’t buy from service stations as they charge a fortune; same as food, go to pound shops for them , when you stop via coach at a service station get off with your sandwiches and have a sit down, that way you can enjoy some food while also stretching your legs and taking in a different environment!

Tip 4 – Your Library

For some reading when travelling or relaxing on the beach , try taking a book out for a week from you’re local library instead of buying one . You can also borrow a variety of travel guides and these usually cost a lot of money to keep updated each year!

Tip 5 – Do-It-Yourself Toiletries

Instead of paying over the top prices for travel packs of toiletries , make your own! Get empty bottles , wash them thoroughly and use some of your own products in your own handy bottles!

Tip 6 – Online Deals

Get online and check out any vouchers you can get for the restaurants or tourist attractions around that area. Lots of sites such as Groupon and voucher express offer deals all year round!

Tip 7 – Cheap Bragging

Yes we all like to brag to our family and friends how well our holiday is going but try and use the internet, a lot of hotels , restaurants and attractions offer free Wi-Fi which means you can go online with you phone! You could Facebook or Skype your family for free and even send images of the fun your having via email! If you’re not so technology savvy then just use a pay phones that still exist and get rid of your change, if you’re going abroad check with your mobile provider if you can get a short term deal for calling from abroad!

Tip 8 – Bring Change

Always bring spare change! Whether it’s for calling loved ones or for paying at the service station for those annoying 20p toilets , they help! Especially if you are going down Blackpool amusements on the coin machines! It saves you delving into a ten pound note to get change and buying something you didn’t need just for change to go to the toilet , I could not tell you the amount of times I buy a glossy magazine and water just to go to the toilet!

Tip 9 – Cash Tracking

Track the cash , I find taking out only the money you’re going to spend for that day helps the budget , yes have your card there for emergencies but make sure you don’t take out all your cash for that night or put your spending money in a separate pocket for that day! If you’re going abroad make sure you tell your bank so they don’t block your card if you use it!

Tip 10 – The More the Merrier (or cheaper)

Invite more friends to come on holiday! That way you can take in turns paying for food or drink , put your money together to pay for meals or trips etc! Who knows maybe your mate will forget its your round next!

TravelGeekTara’s Top Tips!

We also have a guest blogger here , TravelGeekTara , who travels the world blogging about her experiences and knows how tight the pennies can get when on holiday , here are some last minute quick tips from her!

Here are some money saving tips that I have picked up whilst travelling. Firstly get the best deal on your foreign currency, shop around and order ahead to make the most of your £££s. If you are thinking of using your cards abroad check with your bank for charges. I usually only use my card for large purchases or withdrawals to minimise charges.I book attractions and guides ahead, you can often save money when booking online or as part of a group. This also saves on queuing time, and it’s a great feeling walking past the other tourists…

If breakfast is not included in my stay, I always pass on the formal breakfasts and grab a coffee and a pastry at a local cafe. When eating out, I check out restaurant reviews but I also try to eat off the beaten track and away from main attractions. Retailers increase their prices dramatically when they are in the centre of a tourist area or on beach fronts, only a little further afield and you will find the same options at a much lower price. I also try the local beers and wines, much cheaper and often better than imported brands in my opinion. Just making some of these small changes can save you enough pennies to afford your souvenirs!

Thanks Tara!

You can visit Tara’s blog here – CLICK


Hopefully the tips above have given you some advice on how to save the penny’s ! Share it with your friends and help them out too!!

Find out YOUR perfect holiday!!!
Find out YOUR perfect holiday!!!

We all want to know what our perfect holiday in the UK would be! Well hope no more, try our mini quiz to see what holiday in the Great British isles would be for you!!

Simply select one answer which is true to you and write down the number next to it , at the end add all these numbers up to find out what your perfect holiday trip would be!!

Select one answer!!


1-I like to be tucked up in bed with a cup of coco by 9pm when on holiday!
2-I love being able to go down the pub and have 1 or 2 before bed time!
3-I like to stay up late meeting new people and ordering a few rounds with new friends I have made!


1-My perfect relaxing holiday is me relaxing in the hotel resort for most the time.
2-My perfect relaxing holiday is able to see beautiful sights out and about.
3-My perfect relaxing holiday is doing fun activities , which are quite active.


1-I love seeing live tribute acts and live comics.
2-I find it entertaining to go around viewing historic art , items or architecture out and about.
3-I like to see bizarre acts out and about or acts that are a bit different from he norm!

Food and drink

1-I prefer to have food and drink at the hotel resort so I know where I’m going and what I’m eating each night.
2-I like to eat out and about , and like eating what I know with local pub grub.
3-I like to take a chance and have food I would not normally eat when at home and be a bit more adventurous.


1-I like to go on a adult holiday where it’s me and my other half or friend and its people who are adults staying around me.
2-I prefer to with most of my family, who are various age ranges.
3-I like to go on my own or in a couple but like it when the age range varies around the place I am on staying in.


1-I like to have my day planned for me with events and travel sorted.
2-I like to have travel planned and some events but also enjoy my own free time.
3-I wish to sort out my own events when getting around and doing things!

6-10 Llandudno

You prefer the peace and quiet and, the peace of mind that everything is planned for you! You like knowing you will be at a quiet resort with some live entertainment and food ready for the night!

Llandudno would be perfect for you , most of our trips offer live cabaret and performances at night and breakfast and dinner sorted for you! Also there are excursions planned for you to go places such as Chester for the day! If you feel like getting out and about!

Travelstyle offer a variety of tours here! – CLICK

11-16 Blackpool

You like your holidays to have a bit of pre planned organisation with excursions and trips but also time to have your own free reign and some good local pubs out and about at night. You also like there to be fun for the whole family when available!

Blackpool would be perfect ! A variety of activities available and the pier right on your doorstep to explore whenever you want! Kids can enjoy the amusements and attractions along the pier whilst the adults can enjoy live entertainment at night or trip to Madame Tussauds (Blackpool)! Some of our trips offer excursions to attractions nearby such as the National Football Museum but leave you with some free time to do your own thing! With nearby pubs you can choose when to go grab some pub grub on one of your evenings!

Travelstyle offer a variety of tours here! – CLICK

17+ Brighton

You like to be let off your reigns when on holiday and have complete freedom available when you arrive at your destination and to get your own food and drink when available. More importantly you like to be out and about and meet new people at night! You also like to do a few more adventurous activities when available! Oh you daredevil you!

Brighton would be perfect for you as it offers some of the most vibrant restaurant, bar and cafe scenes outside of London for years! You like to see live music that’s more bizarre and away from the norm and there are hundreds of exciting acts lining the streets busking throughout Brighton! The Victorian Brighton Pier offers amusement arcades and thrilling rides for the most adventurous of you with a number of various restaurants available on it! Most of our excursions give you trips to nearby areas of Brighton you would not have discovered before and the freedom to travel around these if you wish, such as Eastbourne!
Travelstyle offer a variety of tours here! – CLICK

Was it the type of holiday you expected?? Click the share button at the bottom to share this page and let your friends and family know what your perfect holiday would be and get them to have ago!!!

Theatre shows you can’t afford to miss this year!
Theatre shows you can’t afford to miss this year!

We all love a trip to the theatre , but here is a brief summary of a few shows you have to see this year !!
Look out for the ‘DID YOU KNOW’ section to give you some fun facts that you probably did not know about each and every show!

Miss Saigon

Cameron Mackintosh production is back, one of the most famous theatre shows of all-time returns for this year! The original love story of a war orphaned girl who falls in love with an American GI during the Vietnamese war! Many tabloids have praised the show, especially the performances of many of its cast!


– The show has been running for 25 years in the West End , and in its time has played in over 300 countries and in 30 different languages!

Jersey Boys

The poor boys to rich men story of Frankie Valli and the four seasons as they try and become bigger than just some small time Newark kids! Featuring hits such as ‘can’t take my eyes off you’,’begging’ and ‘oh what a night’. The actual Jersey Boys that the show is based on are the only band to have a track in the billboards top 100 charts fors the 50s,60,70s,80s and 90s , and this is the story of how they become so successful!


– its won a total of 55 awards worldwide and most recently for best new musical!

The Lion King

We all know the story from the hit film! But you would have never seen a reinvention for the big stage like this! In case your don’t know it’s the story of a young lion club on his journey to become king , although his journey is a turbulent one! You will struggle to stay in your seat with some of the songs in this one , such as the iconic ‘hakuna matata’!

With Disney’s big budget behind it and of course Elton John’s academy award winning soundtrack, you’re in for an incredible experience!


– Lion King has been seen by over 70 million people worldwide!

War Horse

Based on the incredible novel by the world renowned author Michael Morpurgo – Warhorse, set in the first World War is a touching tale of a young recruit and his horse! Uniquely, a South African puppet company is used to make the horse come alive on screen!


– Aircraft cables are used during the show to puppeteer the horse !

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The iconic Roald Dahl novel and legendary 70′s film comes to the stage ! It’s an incredible adaptation directed by Academy Award winner Sam Mendes. Alex Jennings stars as Willy Wonka who has starred in a variety of crime shows such as Foyle’s War, Inspector Morse and Poirot!
It was always a bright and colourful film , and that’s shown with the best costume design award that the show recently won as well as ‘the music that blew my mind’ award. You can bet this is a show for the senses !


The book was originally inspired by Dahl’s experience of the competitiveness of Cadbury and Rowntree’s , who allegedly would send spies to each other’s factories a few decades ago.

Les Miserables

The classic story we all know and love of one man’s struggle through the French injustice during the revolution in the 18th century. Features a cast from all over the world and has just recently finished its 25th anniversary celebrations , any show that has been running that long must be unmissable!


– The show was that successful it eventually got turned into a musical film starring those such as Russell Crowe , Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway!

As you can see there are a variety of big blockbuster hits now at certain theatres , travestyles offers – travel , overnight stay and tickets in one cheap price.CLICK HERE!

Plus if you can’t decide on what show is for you then choose the mystery show for an even bigger price reduction! You will be allocated a mystery show ticket on your arrival!

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